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House Assistant Dean

The House Assistant Dean (HAD) serves on a team responsible for developing, optimizing, and implementing operational policies and procedures for the West Campus House System in cooperation with other units and departments that support the West Campus House System.  The HAD works in close partnership with the House Professor-Dean to realize the House mission.  The HAD works to advance the educational mission of the West Campus House System through effective partnerships with faculty, University departments, and community organizations, and s/he directs the multiple functions of one House within the West Campus House System.

Amanda Carreiro Headshot 2

Amanda Carreiro
Assistant Dean
122 Becker House

As House Assistant Dean, Amanda hopes to facilitate a sense of belonging for each resident in Becker House. Her office is across from the House Office and she has an open door policy. Stop by any time with concerns, questions or if you're not sure who to ask or just need to talk. Amanda has been at the University since 1996 and usually can figure out who can help when problems arise.

Amanda has a passion for Positive Psychology (the scientific study of what enables individuals and communities to thrive) and student resilience and mental health. She is a University Crisis Manager, and a member of both the Mental Health Programmers workgroup and the University Council on Mental Health and Welfare. At Becker House, she facilitates a six-week resilience education class called "Thrive (don't just survive) @ Cornell" during the Fall and often offers a weekly mindfulness meditation classes. If you're interested in Positive Psychology, resilience, meditation, stress reduction/stress management, or related fields stop by her office for a chat!

Amanda completed her academic work in Human Development and Family Studies at Cornell in 1994. For over twenty years, she competed in a variety of obscure Frisbee sports, and for many years coached the Cornell women's Ultimate Frisbee team. While retired from competition and coaching, she continues to enjoy the sport casually in her spare time and is the advisor to the Cornell Women's Ultimate Frisbee teams. Amanda lives in Becker House with her son Julien (who enjoys snowboarding, basketball, soccer, rock climbing and video games!) and their dog Jasmine. They enjoy going to the Farmers Market, hiking in the gorges, riding bikes, and taking walks (especially those that end at Insomnia Cookies) and traveling whenever possible.