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Andrew Chignell

Andrew Chignell cropped

House Fellow

Andrew Chignell has taught philosophy at Cornell since 2003. Much of his work is on Enlightenment era philosophers: the men and women who came up with some of the key ideas that we take for granted in liberal democracies (like: every human being has the same moral standing, regardless of sex, race, religion, and so on). His favorite philosopher was 4 foot 9 inches tall and only became famous in his early-60’s after publishing an almost 900-page book (this is Immanuel Kant, and the book is the Critique of Pure Reason). Andrew also co-teaches an on-campus course (which is also available as a MOOC) on “The Ethics of Eating.” This is not a course about table manners, but rather a discussion of some of the moral issues we face when choosing what to buy, order, cook, eat, and waste. When not working, Andrew enjoys fostering dogs for a local rescue and working on motorcycles.