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Martha Haynes

Martha Haynes

House Fellow
Goldwin Smith Professor of Astronomy
530 Space Sciences Building 

A native of the Boston area, Martha Haynes graduated from Wellesley College and received her graduate degrees from Indiana University.

She joined the Cornell faculty in 1983 and is now the Goldwin Smith Professor of Astronomy. Before moving to Ithaca, she worked at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico and at the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia. She is a key member of the Cornell team building the CCAT-prime submillimeter telescope at 18,400 feet in the Andes mountains in northern Chile.

Her scientific research concentrates on observational cosmology, galaxy evolution and the techniques of radio astronomy. At Cornell, an undergraduate course for non-scientists, Astro 2201 "The History of the Universe", and a more mathematical one, Astro 3303 "Galaxies Across Cosmic Time".

When not wondering about the cosmos, she enjoys reading mysteries, watching old movies, growing herbs and cooking. Whenever she can, she pursues those activities with friends and family at her stone farmhouse in a tiny village in the hills near Parma, Italy.