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Isaac Kramnick

Isaac Kramnick

House Fellow
R.J. Schwartz Professor of Government
433 Day Hall 

Vice-Provost Isaac Kramnick came to Cornell to accept a good job at one of the world's great universities with great students and to live in the wonderful city of Ithaca. He was an undergraduate and graduate student at Harvard, with a year at Cambridge University and before Cornell he taught at Harvard, Brandeis and Yale. His academic interests include the history of western political thought in general and in the U.S. and Great Britain from the 18th century to the present. He is also interested in church-state relations in the U.S. 

Isaac grew up in a small farming community in Massachusetts and is cursed with being a life-long Red Sox fan, which makes him intimately aware of the inevitable triumph of evil in the world. i.e., the Yankees and other examples of power and privilege. 

One of his hobbies is Cornell lore, derived from teaching here for 32 years. His program interests include anything, state...films...Cornell lore.