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Leonardo Vargas-Mendes

Leonardo Vargas-Méndes

House Fellow
Executive Director, Cornell Public Service Center
Barnes Hall 

Leonardo is the Executive Director of the Cornell Public Service Center, and as such a member of the Division of Student and Academic Services' senior management team. He is co-chair of the Faculty Fellows-in-Service (FFIS) program, and member of the editorial board of the FFIS Working Paper Series. He is co-director of the Bartels Undergraduate Action Research Fellows Program and of the Cornell Urban Scholars Program. Leonardo is Cornell University's liaison with the New York Campus Compact Advisory Board.  

In addition to his Cornell's responsibilities, Leonardo is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Tompkins County Public Library; a former member of the Board of the Tompkins County Human Services Coalition; a founding Board member of the Latino Civic Association of Tompkins County; a member of the Advisory Board of the Suicide Prevention and Crisis Service of Tompkins County; a Board member of the Tompkins County Living Wage Coalition, the Workers Rights Center of Tompkins County, and of The Village at Ithaca Project. He is also a member of ATTAC International, Chile's chapter.  

He has served as a commissioner of both the City of Ithaca Boards of Public Works and of Planning and Development. He has also served as commissioner of the Board of the Tompkins County Human Rights Commission, and as a member of the Board of Planned Parenthood of Tompkins County.