Perrine Pepiot

House Fellow
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Perrine is a mechanical engineer specializing in combustion science, with a background in Aerospace Engineering. Her main interest is in developing models and simulation software to better understand how pollutants are formed during combustion, with the objective of designing advanced fuels that are renewable, cleaner, and more efficient for all sorts of engines and applications. Besides combustion, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics, Perrine also loves aeronautics, and has been teaching the MAE aeronautics courses ever since she joined Cornell in 2011. Before that, she was a research scientist at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado, working on how to convert biomass into usable biofuels. When she is not working, Perrine loves spending time with her daughter, traveling, reading, and occasionally playing the flute. You also have a fair chance of running into her and her family at the Lindseth Climbing wall, embracing their newly found passion of going up and down along a wall over and over again.