Wayne Johnson

Graduate Resident Fellow
Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management

Wayne is thrilled to be on the Becker team. He and Allison have traveled to 23 countries since getting married and try to have a new or meaningful experience several times a month. Wayne has worked in disaster relief, diplomacy, peacebuilding, forestry parachuting, counter-bomb operations, and ecclesiastical service. He teaches leading and managing in organizations at the business school. His dissertation focuses on overcoming biases against new ideas to facilitate innovation. Wayne has general experience helping people improve their GRE scores, revamp resumes, prepare for oral exams, choose graduate programs, and narrow career options. He has more specific knowledge of business, international relations, government, and military pathways. He also has experience counseling on suicide hotlines, PTSD challenges, addiction recovery programs, and other interpersonal support. He puts a high priority on intentionally developing empathy, understanding, and kindness.