Becker House was designed to support a vibrant intellectual community. Study spaces are plentiful in the House; the three study rooms, a computer lab, and the small library and seminar room on the ground floor are an ideal ways for residents to get out of their room sto study without needing to leave the building.

There are common spaces throughout the House where residents can lounge with friends and enjoy the company of their Becker neighbors.  Watching TV (DirecTV), DVDs or playing Wii games, can be enjoyed in the TV lounge on the ground floor.  Kitchens are found on every other floor in the residential areas of the House: a common resource, students are expected to clean up after using the space, use only their own food/belongings, and label (name and date) any food they store in the refrigerator.

Pianos are available in the Becker common room, dining room and in the music practice room on the ground floor.  In the common room, one can enjoy the 1937 Steinway baby grand piano given to Becker House by Helen Faith "Happy" Keane Reichert '25.

Computers and printing are available in the Becker House computer lab on the ground floor.

Laundry facilities are available on the ground floor.



If you have a non-emergency building/facilities issue, please submit an online work request order.